The Fees are as follows:

A. Fiat
1. Deposit: free
2. Withdraw: 1% but not less than 15 units (USD, EUR, GBP) per withdraw. 

B. Crypto
1. Deposits: 0.16% fee
2. Withdraw: 0.16% per deposit + 0.25 BitGo fee

In fact, this is what BitGo states:

"BitGo charges a transaction fee per outgoing transaction of 0.25% of the amount being transacted. 
Additionally, mining fees are charged on all transactions. Mining fees vary according to overall transaction volume on the blockchain, and the fee rates are based on the physical size of each transaction, which can vary according to the number of inputs required to build the transaction and the number of outputs (recipients) the transaction is being sent to."

In the near future, once we upgrade the plan, probably we will stick to 0.16% fee.

BitGo charges a fee of 100 bps, or 1%, on all outgoing (send) BTG transactions. Mining fees are also applied to Bitcoin Gold transaction to ensure that transactions are confirmed promptly on the chain.

C. Trading Fees:
Flat fee, regardless make or taker: 0.16% per trade.